How to transfer Bitcoin without commission

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With each passing day, the bitcoin (Bitcoin) is becoming more popular. Known blockchain service, blockchain gives the opportunity to open and use the bitcoin-purse for free. Many people know him, and they know that the operation takes place with a commission and about a time 1-2 hours.

I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the service w ... Read more »

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   What is mining and how is the production of cryptographic goods bitcoins?

The modern cryptosphere makes it possible not only to entertain and get the most diverse knowledge, but also to earn bitcoins on your computer. And with the invention of the so-called bitcoin it began to do things a lot easi ... Read more »

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You already have Bitcoin Wallet, but it's empty. Where to buy Bitcoin in Ukraine?
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There are several possibilities. You can exchange money for bitcoin.


Each our city has bitcoiners, which can be found in the social network. networks, talk, arrange a meeting to learn about bitcoin and buy bitcoins for hryvnia or another currency.

There are also versions of bitcoin-purses (for example, Mycelium) in which there is a search function for the nearest money changer, which is indicated on the map, you can find out the ... Read more »

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    Bitcoin - what is it, simple words?
In today's world, there are many innovative technologies that affect absolutely all spheres of human life every day. Rapid progress allowed the invention of flying cars, made possible space tourism, and to pay for everything can be a digital currency, which physically does not exist. It is about the banknotes that you can not touch and just hold in your hands, will be discussed in our article.

Crypto foreign currency
Bitcoin - what is it, simple words? The Bitcoin Rental Program Probably most of the advanced Internet users have heard of the existence of the so-called criptouche. There are a lot of stories in the network about how the people who first began to produce bitcoins have become incredibly rich. Let's take a look, Bitcoin - what's this? Bitcoin - a monetary unit, has a purely digital look. If to speak more ... Read more »

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    Investors bitcoin step on the old rake
Sir Isaac Newton can and has radically changed our knowledge of the world, but he also had shortcomings. He, too, was drawn into the soap bubble of the "Company of the South Seas", which was his time mania. Because of this, the scientist lost a lot of money.

"I can calculate the motion of celestial bodies, but not the folly of people," Newton said.

Looking back, he should have thought about a popular statement that was used as a simplified version of his law of gravity: "What rises must fall."

Investors in bitcoin are just re-learning this old truth. This is written today by The Economist. Last month, the price of crypto currency reached a maximum of 19 thousand dollars. But then the rate fell even below 10 thou ... Read more »

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    Bitcoin sell
If you already have some stock of bitcoins, then it is quite obvious that the time will come for the exchange of crypto currency for real money. So let's analyze several ways to sell bitcoins, which have advantages and disadvantages.

Initially, this crypto currency was created for the exchange of money on the Internet, but so far it does not have such a spread and today it can not be paid everywhere by the bitcoins. Therefore, in order to consume the stock of bitcoins, one must first deal with selling bitcoins, for example, for rubles.

To begin with, you should take care of the safe outcome of the transaction, because the exchange occurs remotely. In addition, pay attention to the course, because everyone wants to make a profitable deal. And the last thing to pay attention to is the time spent on the operat ... Read more »

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    The price of bitcoin increases, volumes have doubled

The Western and Russian crypto-exchange community is not yet accustomed to follow the situation on the Japanese crypto-exchange markets. As a rule, mainly monitored by dollar and Chinese exchanges. However, we must not forget that in the past two months the Japanese bitcoin market has actually taken a place that recently belonged to China. The volume of trade on the Japanese stock exchanges continues to grow due to the attraction of many new traders.

In the past weekend, the cost of bitcoin on Japanese stock exchanges reached 300,000 yen ($ 2,690), almost 25% higher than today's highs in dollars. On Monday, it stabilized slightly below this level, giving the dollar exchanges the opportunity to "catch up" with the growth leaders.

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    Coincheck introduces interest accounts in bitcoins
Enthusiasts of crypto currency know well how crypto currency has flown up in Japan. The volume of trading on exchanges is growing at an accelerated pace. And it seems that the Coincheck exchange will soon provide interest accounts. This will definitely mark an important step for the adoption of Bitcoin in the country.

Accounts payable in Japan

This is the first time that the Japanese Exchange enters accounts with interest payments. This change will allow BTC holders to keep their currency on a fixed deposit account. Holders will begin to receive interest at rates of 1-5%. This means that users can not withdraw their funds if they want to receive interest.
At the same time, it is worth mentioning that this offer from Coincheck is very short-term. Official sources say t ... Read more »

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   Bitcoin and Ethereum beat all price records
Prices for Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached another historic high. At the time of publication, the price of bitcoin exceeded the limit of $ 2,700, and the market capitalization of kriptovalyut approached $ 90 billion, while for one bit of it, it exceeded $ 44 billion for the first time in its history. Ethereum, which has the second largest market capitalization at the moment (more than 18 billion dollars), costs slightly more than $ 200, but on Wednesday the price of the coin reached 228.37 dollars according to CoinMarketCap. The previous record was set by Ethereum on May 22, when the price of the crypto currency reached 202 dollars per coin.

Bitcoin and Ethereum rates are rising amid a significant rise in value (in dollars) and other crypto currencies, for example, Zcash, which peaked in a few months - at the time of publication ... Read more »

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    The transaction in the Bitcoin network has hung up

Every year, if not a month, the number of transactions in the Bitcoin network grows. This leads to block overflow. And since it is impossible to immediately include all transactions in the block system, a "pool of memory" (mempool) is formed from non-included transactions in the block of transactions, a sort of "transaction queue".

Transactions with lower commissions "interrupt" high and remain in the pool of memory of the miners before the discovery of a new block. If, after finding the block, the transaction pending confirmation is interrupted by a transaction with a higher commission, we have to wait for the next block, and so on.

All this situation adversely affects the interaction with the user. Confi ... Read more »

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