Ball bearings

Ball joints can be changed easily in the home, even without a stripper. How to replace the ball joint is described in this article is suitable for any perdneprivodnoy because the principle of the ball in front of the rack is the same.

I'll change the ball joints describing the sequence of operations.

Before attempting to shoot the ball, you need to raise the car on jack, remove the front wheel Unscrew the nut of the ball, and the two bolts that hold the ball on the hub. The photo below shows all.

Pull the rack to the hub in the direction that it makes it easy to unscrew the steering wheel in the opposite direction from the side of the replacement ball.


Photo. The arrows show how the nuts and bolts unscrew to replace the ball


Under Ball put a stump or an iron fence on a stump, you can put a piece of iron to finger the ball was not in the tree. Lowered the jack ball to put his finger in focus, start to beat the heavy hammer of ostentatious places in the photo below. Usually within a minute or two after the ball goes out of such attacks. So you can change the ball without having a stripper.


Photo. The arrows indicate the place where to hit the ball with the removal of
How to take the ball puller
$ IMAGE2 $
It so start to shoot the ball puller and he goes, break a stripper.

There is a small trick, put puller Tighten the nut up to the stop if the ball will not break away, hit a few times with a hammer on a stripper pictured arrow shows where to strike. Again tighten the nut remover, again hit with a hammer, so repeat as long as the ball does not leave.


Photo. Remove the ball by means of a stripper
How to recover a ball
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It is an exaggeration to recover the ball, but can prolong life.

It so fresh but the ball hit the hole, or a good bunch of pits, feel that something is wrong, the ball appeared to play. There are two options to change to a new or restore old choice is yours. If you decide to restore the old, look well to the ball if the finger is slightly hanging in the body of the ball and did not give excessive wear plastic that can be recovered.

For this to be like a piece of iron in the photo below, or find a suitable