Color illustrated guide to repair Audi A2, as well as manual operation and maintenance of the device car Audi A2. The book contains more than 2,000 photographs, a detailed coverage of all the process of repairing the vehicle poshagovaogo Chery Amulet.
The manual describes in detail the repair of all components and assemblies of the vehicle. In some sections of the book consists of manual Audi A2, recommendations on maintenance, color electrical car.

In all the sections on maintenance and repair of components and systems in the form of tables are lists of possible failures and recommendations to address them.
Instructions for disassembly, assembly, adjustment and repair units and systems using car ready spare parts and assemblies are illustrated layout and photographic material and graphic patterns.
The technology works chosen in relation to the conditions of the garage using a universal instrument, and only in exceptional circumstances, give advice on the use of special tools available on the open market.

Operation repair units and units in each section are selected according to the principle "from simple to complex": starting with simple maintenance, adjustment components and systems, replacing them separately, often breaking down parts with a gradual transition to a major repair units.
Photographic materials included in the manual, prepared in the process of dismantling and assembling cars vysokokvalifitsirovannymy mechanic.
Description repair operations includes helpful tips from the practice of experienced motorists.

In the device Audi A2 presents general information about the car and his passport data.
Details are described keys locks applied to the vehicle, controls and devices located on the instrument panel; management techniques HEATING, use of seat belts and elements of interior equipment, seat adjustment and transmission control.
In the Instruction Manual Audi A2 contains tips on what to have in the car in everyday use and on long trips, how to prepare the car for the road, run in and operate it during the warranty period.

To be able to act on the plan for self-service car or monitor the progress of work in the service to the service station, a table maintenance program Audi A2, which includes a list and dates for check-osmotrovyh and routine maintenance.
Subsection Preparing for the departure in detail, based on a new driver in the photos show the process of inspecting and training systems of the car.
Recommendations on safety and safety in the production of repair work on the car.
Describes techniques refueling the car, use a jack and towing vehicle.

Under Faults in the way of generalization of experience of many generations of motorists, yaky help to eliminate virtually any sudden malfunction caused the car.
The procedure for troubleshooting is illustrated with photographs.
In the Electric Audi A2 in addition to the overall color of the car is a functional electrical wiring color (diagrams) to connect devices and systems, which facilitates troubleshooting.

The appendices contain all the necessary for the operation, maintenance and repair of the points tightening threaded connections, performance materials and fluids, gas volumes and masses of major components for lamps and spark plugs, used car, The basic data for adjustment and control.
The structure of the book is such that without photographs or drawings of numbers are graphical complement to the subsequent paragraphs. In describing the work, which include the intermediate operations, specified by reference to a subsection, and the page where this operation is described in detail.