Earnings on the forums

So, the next kind of earnings on the Internet is quite simple, there is no need to sit for hours in front of the monitor, creating a website, or spend a lot of nerves on these kinds of earnings as bookmakers or forex in general, where at stake is still your money, that if it fails, you can easily lose.

It's all very simple, you write a message to specific forums, and you get paid for each. Agree easily. There are many forums on the internet you will easily find them, pay at each forum and its approximately $ 0.01 to $ 0.05, well it is something that concerns forums where earned - led.

There are forums on forex, there is payment for 1 post ranges from $ 0.3 !!! That's a lot ... But not everything is as good as it sounds, that's 100 posts nabyu you might think, and bring $ 30 to your account, unfortunately the money was not for withdrawal, they are for trading in Forex, but the profit of that money after Bid nobody said anything, so you can easily bring all the profits his wallet and continue to trade for money scored in the forum, examples of such forums is http://forexpeoples.ru/forum/ (1 = $ 0.3), and http: //ruforum.mt5.com/ (1post = $ 0.3).

The forums are pay-per-post much tougher rules than on ordinary forums so behave not get involved with anyone in the conflict, as the administrators and moderators can easily have banned without the possibility of withdrawal already earned money. We also strongly recommend that you read the forum rules, because sometimes you need to write more than 30 words, and at least 2 lines, then and only then you will pay the post, well, it's me as an example to every forum your spelling rules.

And even if you find a good forum, but the subject does not know anything, then forward - the entire Internet to help you. Learn what, where and how to know what to write in the forum and did not look like a man, as if you are here just for the money, these are usually just banyat because they tend to write any heresy or falsehood in short do not know anything at theme. The robot then positions it assigns automatically, but still all the moderators check, so do not get fooled.

One of the best services for a living on the forums is: Linkum.ru

In this service you can make on the forum. You communicate in forums and the more you write the more you earn messages. The money you will be paying for selling links (advertisements). Advertisers buy links to advertise their product or to raise the position of your site in search engines, and you make money.

How to become a successful trader?
Over the years of existence of the Forex market has formed a set of recommendations that contribute to earnings. We define them:
Proper training. In the specialized courses experienced professionals will tell you how to become a trader with zero.
Visiting a series of lessons, you will begin to understand financial basics, you will learn about the impact of various factors on the change in exchange rates. Such training - needed basis, which will apply the new knowledge gained during independent work.
Accessing reliable service brokers. The choice depends on the brokerage company, if you can capitalize on to make a prediction. Most brokers provide stable operation of the software and provides many additional features.
The use of proven programs. Appeal to the MetaTrader ensures that the quotes are updated in a timely manner, and the Indicators and oscillators are true. As a result, you will be able to analyze correctly.
Adherence to the principles of complex analysis. The work is based on three pillars: the analysis of graphs tracking the Indicators and monitoring of economic news.
It is advisable to listen to the opinion of analysts, providing concise information about the market. You can pay attention to the signals of advisors - special robots that analyze the vast amount of information. Taking into account all the factors at once, you can hope to succeed.
Compliance with the rules of risk management. Even as absolutely certain as a result of the deal, remember the main thing - the price should not be anything to anyone. Therefore, do not risk much of the capital immediately.