Posts on smartlab got. All the time bitcoin and bitcoin. Already, it seems, turn on the kettle and from there the bitcoine course will be announced. What do I personally think about this?
Well, first of all, what should be done on smartlab to ban fans of this scam. Secondly, the creators of this scam with the pyramid on the contrary, that is, when the number of new investors is more than the number of new bitcoins, promised that the rate would go up to $ 200,000 for bitcoin. And there are all the prerequisites for this. In the current state, the market volume of bitcoins is about 50 billion dollars, which is a mere penny compared to the amount of all the money of all Buratins in the world. That is, all the grounds that bitcoin and will reach 200 thousand dollars for bitcoin.
But ... There are several but. Firstly, these bitcoins are unclear where and can be of the type stolen by the type of hackers and no one will even look for who did it. Secondly, bitcoin can become outlawed by any country in the world. Suppose the US and China are banned and a chain reaction begins. Thirdly, it is unclear what will happen at the hypothetical achievement of the mark of 200 thousand dollars. Will they be able to pay money, naturally, in dollars, and not in unnecessary bitcoins, when these Buratins, who naturally buy art for the sake of :))) real money in the form of dollars, and whether the influx of new Buratin will be as active at the maximum marks, when there will be cruel drawdowns when trying to cash out any significant amount of bitcoins.
Conclusions. Personally, I'm new to bitkoinu any, do not surprise. And from my point of view, the number of fools in the world is enough. Why what, and the fools in the world will not be transferred. Organizers bitcoin - Well done, here is my respect and uvazhuha. Diluted competently. But the risks, I have already described above. Again, the competition is complete. Ethereum, shitcoin and other reliable crypto-currencies.


American economist, professor of Columbia University Jeffrey Sachs believes that bitcoin is another economic bubble that will eventually burst.

He also noted that the 14-fold increase in the cost of crypto currency in 2017 had no real grounds, that is, the popularity of bitcoin is determined only by people's belief in its value and the desire to get rich quickly, but this has repeatedly led to sad consequences.

Jeffrey Sachs called the erroneous opinion of the faith of the supporters of crypto currency that bitcoin is able to surpass the dollar because of its anonymity. The economist is sure that this property of the currency in practice is its weakness, since the authorities want to control financial flows to combat economic crimes, tax evasion and terrorism.

He noted that some states have already adopted or are beginning to take measures to take control of the circulation of the crypto currency. Most likely, in the end, this will cause the collapse of bitcoin, although the exact moment of this fall can not be predicted.

Recall that at the moment, bitcoin is the most expensive and most popular crypto currency in the world. His first launch took place on January 3, 2009, specifies "Bagnet"