Engine tuning with his own hands

Buzzword engine tuning, though I prefer the word, forcing the engine, or an increase in engine power vases 2101, but from the change of words does not change the essence of who got here he wants to do with the 2101 engine more powerful and dynamic.

I will explain how to make the engine VAZ 2101, the engine will be even stronger yaky engine VAZ 2103. It will have to buy the crankshaft VAZ 2103, and especially shorter cranks, shorter connecting rods are used to make yourself by cutting and quarrels, and in other ways. But now you can buy them in the shop, or order through the online store, or online auction. Just as it would wish such rods can buy, and it is better to buy a course shortened tuning rods (lightweight) but they are more expensive.

But the purchase of the crankshaft main VAZ 2103 will not buy defective or counterfeit or raw crankshaft, a lot of them are sold both in the markets and in shops. The first indication of quality of the crankshaft, it is always in a carton, smeared lithological and has a fully matte color with a hint of khaki
 And crankshafts that shine on store shelves should always arouse suspicion, because we both think again shines quality means. A true crankshaft runs complete cementation (quenching), even after the crankshaft journals have a matte finish, also carried out at the plant conservation, long-term storage obscuring its lithological and put paint "OTC". Now I think're familiar with the purchase of the crankshaft and do not buy a marriage, or raw, and engine tuning will help.

  $ IMAGE2 $

Once we decided to speed up the engine, make sure chisel block under repair pistons, if the bore is nowhere, be sure zagilzuyte engine under the new standard 76mm pistons. And the sleeve bore engine blocks in a special workshop on the machine, most do not try to chisel the block, only spoil everything. The main thing is to find out where in your area there is a workshop, and always bore the block under the mirror, and now the fashion is sharpening block under the grid.

After boring the block under the grid, quickly erased the piston rings and cylinder still take the form of a mirror, but with a large output, the engine is broken, the oil begins to eat, and there is good traction.

With the crankshaft and connecting rods understood, now it is necessary to modify the pistons, as if they are left as they are, they will rest in a skirt and a broken crankshaft plummet. Pistons modify in different ways, someone cut the skirt of the piston in a circle on a lathe, thereby shorten the piston.


But I do not like pistons with short skirts, because even a small development of the piston and cylinder of his much talking, and there is a small rumble of the engine and a long skirt piston talk less piston in the cylinder and the engine runs smoothly.

On the left a standard piston dorabotany deal.

Photo. On the left a standard piston dorabotany deal. In the lower right corner of a milling cutter that is easy to grind the piston.

Modifying the pistons by means of a milling machine cutters, insert it into the winepress, instead of grinding stone (you can on the grindstone but it's a long time), but before processing new pistons on milling, practice on the old.

Checking the modified piston, the passage of the top of the plumb line of the crankshaft.

Also in the photo you can see a drilled hole in the piston is 10mm, but can be more up to 15 millimeters much exactly it certainly is not a drill, if drill bit above or below, or to the left or to the right, nothing bad will. This hole in the piston serves for better lubrication of the piston skirts, and gives good sliding piston in the cylinder, thereby lifting power of the engine.