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Let's see what it is MMCIS (MMSIS) and what this company is all remarkable. When a company is young and reviews about it enough - people complain about the lack of information :). But if behind her a few years to explore all the material is not possible - in half an hour the chairman starts to blow from the contradictions :).
In 2004 it was organized MMCIS Investments - an investment fund, which is the opening in 2006. Fund yield was 55.44% in 2012. At the moment, the fund became closed, and new customers can not open accounts in it. Clients who had up until closing, and continue to work on.
MMCIS Index top 20B in 2007 on the initiative of the fund dealing center was created (DC) FOREX MMCIS group. He still works and performs its obligations, but also MMGP blacklisted brokers. On the forums you can find complaints from traders about the order execution, while in 2011, the broker was awarded the prize "Financial Olympus" and now occupies first place in the ranking of BFP per And IAFT Awards 2012 received the award for "Best CIS broker" and as "Best Broker Asia".
In addition to the standard set of Forex-broker services, the company offers asset management. The site can be accessed with a rating of Governors, which are visible for 10 "first places".

Trading in the Forex market - is not just fun, but hard work, which becomes even more difficult when crises come. Passing cycles on the planet, economic shocks one assist, the second ruin, but everyone in this difficult time, I would like more stability.
Unfortunately, the search for a reliable advisor takes a long time. At the same time it can be spent in vain, so did not find on the Internet. However, if you are lucky, you hit one of these successful experiments as Monetizator or himself.
If this happens, then you will definitely want to learn more about it and make a trade with him safe and profitable. For this to happen, this article is written.
Trusted Advisor Monetizator - Description
We decided to help you in finding the adviser, who will work reliably and for a long time. Unfortunately, there are still work in the spaces of the Internet, Which merge deposit (called SLIVATORY, a lot of them), even if there are a few to trade successfully.