He best Russian

It is worth mentioning that there is a world best cars. I want to see Russian cars and choose the best car. What Russian cars were popular, and which causes the most likes and why. Finally, is there a better car or Russian is a question does not require an answer?

If we look at the chronology of Russian production cars, the best domestic car is to recognize the car "Victory" (GAZ-M-20), 1946 edition. Elegant form, high throughput, agility, speed over 100 km \ h. This is something that people needed post-war period. GAZ M-20 (Winning)

From expensive Russian cars that were used to transport VIP-persons, undoubtedly the championship is to give a fine car ZIS-110. The car has a more attractive body, a beautiful interior. It is equipped with 8-cylinder 4-stroke engine models ZIS-110, a working volume of 6000 cm³ and 140 hp Of course, for the people of moderate means, the total mass of the country, was the best GAZ M-20. Zis 110
UAZ Patriot If you look from the Russian car the most reliable car, including cars of our time here, the priority is UAZ-Patriot 3163 2005 This SUV as an elegant and very reliable on the road.

VAZ 2101 penny Each person present their opinion on the quality and merits of Russian cars, but the most reliable Russian car has been and remains WHA. From mass production of cars Volga automobile plant, the best VAZ brought before the country's generation model VAZ-2101. In people, this car is called the "penny." Most copies go around the country and in today's time.

If we talk about what Russian car the most beautiful, in my opinion can be named GAZ-14 Chaika. It went down in history as the most beautiful Russian car. Never mind that this car drove only senior Russian officials. It is not so much for the prestigious statistics of our country. The main thing that a car was also produced.