Removing the box ne

Remove gearbox spot is very simple, on these machines the principle of removal and installation of a box, you do not have to remove the engine. I explain the easiest way to remove the gearbox without viewing hole. In this way, removal of the gearbox can use even on the road, and any place where there is no special equipment to repair the machine.

Typically, the transmission is necessary to take in order to change the clutch disc, clutch release roller, or a basket. Also, the transmission has to be removed for repair of the box.

If you do Remove and put the gearbox, then consider that the earned money, which would give the master.

If you possess a basic knowledge of the device of the car, it is easy to do Remove and put the box does not overpaying for the works of the master, to save a lot of money.

The first thing to do when lifting a box is to merge with its oil plug bolt to drain the oil is under a grenade left (driver's side) and the filler tube bolt is on the same side but close to the grenade. Disconnect any one terminal of the battery, just in case.

Next, unscrew the cable grip, unscrew and remove the starter wire from the starter can not unscrew, and just put the starter toward the engine compartment, but you can not remove the starter and simply unscrew the wire from it, but it will be tough at the box installation.


Photo. Top view, seen to remove a starter, he was lying on the battery, and unwound box.


Turn off the box from the engine, it is based on one of three bolts and nuts, two bolts on top and one bottom bolt and nut, also unscrew the boot (it covers the bottom of the box and the flywheel from dirt).


Photo. Otkruchennaya box, an arrow shows the location of the lower bolt, on the other hand it is necessary to turn off a nut. Also under the engine can put a stump or a jack, but usually the engine and do not fall perfectly kept on a pillow and a silencer. Also shown otkruchenny crab with traction.


Turn off the scenes and two pillows from the box, pillows better unscrewed from the box and leave prikruchennymy to the body of the machine, but can be completely removed, so that does not interfere with the removal and installation of the box. Also, do not forget to Remove a wire of weight and to remove the plug from the back of the frog speed and the speedometer cable.


Photo. Arrows show filmed scenes and otkruchennaya cushion.


So the box can only raskrutily completely remove it, but it does raise the driver's side of the jack (required fears and put next to the jack stump or a pile of bricks to the machine accidentally fell off the jack), remove the wheel and unscrew the two screws with the ball.

It remains only to pull the hub itself, and here on luck if come off right garnet, the box will come and fall down to the bottom (if you are shooting a box on the pavement, then to box does not hit the asphalt, under it you can put a bunch of rags or a whole small cardboard box, it will soften the blow, as if on the ground you can not insert anything).


Photo. The arrow shows the screw on the ball yaky unscrew.


If something pops up left right Grenade can rip claw hammer or a crowbar, and just pull the box, it is easy to get away.


Photo. Previous box, but there was not removed a grenade left. The arrow shows the right-hand grenade under it to put a do not get dirty, a piece of cloth or cardboard.