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Despite the fact that over the past 7 years, various publications predicted the collapse of bitcoin several hundred times, this week he updated several price records at the same time in advance of launching futures tied to his course at CME and CBOE.

Bitcoin is not only one of the most popular queries in Google, not only hotly debated by the world's leading media theme, but also the main person involved in futuristic forecasts of the future world, although not very optimistic. Four years ago, the Reddit user, known as the "guest from the future", accurately predicted the price of the first crypto currency in 2017, and predicted the fall of governments and the traditional financial system in the event that humanity does not destroy bitcoin.

Events are developing rapidly and unpredictably, but, despite the most pessimistic scenarios with elements of apocalyptism, the future of the crypto-currency industry promises to be exciting for the whole world society.

ForkLog offers users interesting and high-quality video content on their Youtube channel, but also recommends tracking the stories of other resources.

Youtube channels "Bitcoins-for the smart!" And PRO BLOCKCHAIN ​​provide users with quality reviews of existing crypto-currency projects, mining equipment and useful information about trading on exchanges.

Youtube channel Mister Xal provides complex content about the crypto currency industry in a simple language with the use of methods of trolling and standup elements.

If we talk specifically about trading and financial analytics, this information is provided by Youtube channel TSI Analytics, bitcoin-traders Hamaha and personal video blog trader Anatoly Radchenko. Here, users will learn about automated trading, forecasts and trading signals.

Beginners and already experienced miners should visit the channel PRO MINING, where the first will be able to learn the basics of crypto-currency "farming", and the second - to monitor the innovations of the new sector of the economy. Here they will tell not only how to assemble a working mining farm, but also about "cloud" mining, and ways of earning in conditions of a new reality.

In order to keep up-to-date with the news of the blocking industry, users can track Youtube channels BitNovosti, the blog of Ruslan Sokolovsky's blog BitJournal and the information and analytical resource "Kopeck in the purse".

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