Bitcoin and Ethereum beat all price records

   Bitcoin and Ethereum beat all price records
Prices for Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached another historic high. At the time of publication, the price of bitcoin exceeded the limit of $ 2,700, and the market capitalization of kriptovalyut approached $ 90 billion, while for one bit of it, it exceeded $ 44 billion for the first time in its history. Ethereum, which has the second largest market capitalization at the moment (more than 18 billion dollars), costs slightly more than $ 200, but on Wednesday the price of the coin reached 228.37 dollars according to CoinMarketCap. The previous record was set by Ethereum on May 22, when the price of the crypto currency reached 202 dollars per coin.

Bitcoin and Ethereum rates are rising amid a significant rise in value (in dollars) and other crypto currencies, for example, Zcash, which peaked in a few months - at the time of publication, the price per coin is about 270 dollars. However, in relation to bitcoin, all the altkoks are rapidly becoming cheaper.

According to Poloniex, for the day all leading crypto-currencies fell to bitcoin by 20-30%. The exception is Ethereum Classic (ETC), which again rose to 0.1 ETH.

Interest business

Some analysts note that the reason for the rise in prices for crypto-currencies has been increased attention to crypto-active assets in recent times. For example, recently the CEO of the financial corporation Fidelity officially announced its interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum at the conference Consensus 2017

Fidelity's statement coincided with a report that the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance consortium, specializing in the use of Ethereum's technology for the corporate sector, increased its assets more than threefold, thanks to the increase in the price of Ethereum. In addition, the association recently announced that it included 86 new members, including corporations such as Merck, Samsung and Toyota.

The statement of JP Morgan, which announced partnership with the creators of Zcash crypto currency to provide a higher level of confidentiality for users of corporate blocking JPMorgan, also affected the value of digital assets, especially ZEC, more than doubled. China took the bar in 20 000 CNY.

The Chinese over-the-counter market of bitcoin today also set a historic record: for the first time the price exceeded 20,000 yuan. At the same time, at the crypto-exchange markets of the country, which suspended the withdrawal of bitcoins in February at the request of the NBK, the price remains slightly above 18,000 yuan. At the same time, in just a month the exchange rate of bitcoin has grown threefold: from ¥ 6,300 to ¥ 18,488.

But in the unregulated over-the-counter market it is much higher and shows a real balance of supply and demand. As reported by the Chinese news agency and operator of the OTC-Bitkan market, the first transaction was registered in their mobile application this morning at a price of 20,107 ¥ for BTC, and after several hours the price went even higher.


  Bitkan CEO Yang Liu explains this for three reasons:

    1. The virus encryptor WANNA CRY attracted wide public attention to bitcoin, even though it was negative in mass. In addition, some victims of the virus were forced to buy crypto currency to "buy back" their valuable files.

    2. In April the Japanese government legalized operations with crypto-currencies in the country, as a result of which the Japanese market experienced a real boom of bitcoins. Even large banks and airlines became interested in it.

    3. As a result of the New York Agreement, there was a possibility of an early resolution of the scaling problem, which hinders the development of the first crypto currency for more than two years.

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