Bitcoin sell

    Bitcoin sell
If you already have some stock of bitcoins, then it is quite obvious that the time will come for the exchange of crypto currency for real money. So let's analyze several ways to sell bitcoins, which have advantages and disadvantages.

Initially, this crypto currency was created for the exchange of money on the Internet, but so far it does not have such a spread and today it can not be paid everywhere by the bitcoins. Therefore, in order to consume the stock of bitcoins, one must first deal with selling bitcoins, for example, for rubles.

To begin with, you should take care of the safe outcome of the transaction, because the exchange occurs remotely. In addition, pay attention to the course, because everyone wants to make a profitable deal. And the last thing to pay attention to is the time spent on the operation.

Exchange bitcoins
Keep in mind that there is no universal way, you must choose the right one for you and your goals.


Due to the fact that bitcoin is constantly in demand, it can boast stable demand and supply among users. Thanks to good liquidity, a huge number of exchanges have appeared on the market, where you can make a deal. There you can find applications for users on the purchase and sale of crypto currency. Of course, everyone is interested in the most profitable transaction, so that the deal is completed, the interests of the two parties must coincide. If the buyer arranges a course of the seller, then he applies and the transaction is made.

It is believed that using the exchange to sell bitcoins is very safe, provided that you use a secure area. This method is considered reliable, because the exchange guarantees the transfer of bitcoins, it ensures that sellers and buyers have the necessary amount of bitcoins and other money to complete the transaction. In addition, the seller has the right to choose their own price, so the exchange successfully and profitably exchange currency.

But there are drawbacks to this method. For example, the time that is spent on a transaction. If you want to conduct a profitable sale, then you will have to wait until the coin rate is equal to the price specified in the application. Otherwise, you can not at all find a buyer, and in the meantime the rate will rise or fall. To use this method, you need to constantly monitor the bitcoine rate and increase your experience in the work on the stock exchange. For example, if you decide to start selling bitcoins for rubles, then first of all, study the schedule of changes that have occurred recently.

The conclusion can be made the following: to choose an exchange, as a platform for selling bitcoins is necessary in the event that it is a question of a large sum of coins and not to forget that even minor jumps in the price have a great influence on the outcome of the deal.

You can exchange bitcoins for currency using online exchangers. There is no need for special knowledge, so this method is considered simple. It is also safe, because the services guarantee the translation. But do not forget to check the exchangers themselves on the security point anyway.

On exchange services, you should pay attention to the fact that the rate will not be as profitable if compared with the exchange. In addition, you will still pay a commission for using the service - for the security and speed of the operation.

This method is suitable for those who make a transaction for a small amount and means that the fluctuations of the rate are not of particular importance for the benefit. Thanks to its advantages, exchangers are popular on the Internet.

From hand to hand
You can also find the user on the Internet and sell him bitcoins. Plus, you have the right to set a good and profitable price for you. But do not forget that it's too easy to fall for the swindler's bait and then you will lose your money.

other methods
One such method is the eBay website, where you can buy or sell goods using an auction. Here you can also sell bitcoin, using a special section. Please note that this will take time, but you can set the price yourself. EBay has a well-planned system of work for the seller and buyer, but it is still impossible to fully guarantee the security.

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