Bitcoin - what is it, simple words?

    Bitcoin - what is it, simple words?
In today's world, there are many innovative technologies that affect absolutely all spheres of human life every day. Rapid progress allowed the invention of flying cars, made possible space tourism, and to pay for everything can be a digital currency, which physically does not exist. It is about the banknotes that you can not touch and just hold in your hands, will be discussed in our article.

Crypto foreign currency
Bitcoin - what is it, simple words? The Bitcoin Rental Program Probably most of the advanced Internet users have heard of the existence of the so-called criptouche. There are a lot of stories in the network about how the people who first began to produce bitcoins have become incredibly rich. Let's take a look, Bitcoin - what's this? Bitcoin - a monetary unit, has a purely digital look. If to speak more accessible tongue, Bitcoin cryptovolume (VTS) exists only in electronic registers, which keep an account of who and how much coin owns, as well as where and when it transfers its money. These registries are called blockade.

This system can be compared with non-cash payments: when you pay for purchases in a store by a bank card, somewhere in the register this transaction is indicated, then the transfer of funds from one account to another. However, there is a fundamental difference between the cryptographic and the banking system. Bitcoin crypto lists are located on all computers that are involved in its mining, and not on a single server (centralized), as is customary in banks. And also everyone who is interested is available full information about bitcoins. You can see, for example, how many coins are produced, who is the largest holder of the PTC. But despite the apparent simplicity of the system, it is almost impossible to fake or steal bitcoin, since it has cryptographic protection. For example, to forge a cryptographic currency, it is necessary to make changes in the registry, which is stored on every computer occupied by the acquisition of a digital currency. That is to break hundreds of millions of systems.

Where are the PTS going from?
Bitcoin - what is it, simple words? Bitcoin property finance program Usual money for us is printed by the state treasury, and is formally associated with a stock of gold. However, the state can start a machine that prints the required amount at any time. In turn, the PTS is not tied to any bank or country, nor is it backed up by anything. New coins are created thanks to the computers involved in this system, which perform complex computations every second. Let's look at a vivid example that will make it clearer what Bitcoin is and where it comes from. Suppose a Hong Kong resident visited a restaurant in which he decided to pay bitcoins. So, at the time of this operation, it is necessary to enter the corresponding data in the register, which exists on all computers involved in the systems. In order to do this, it is necessary to attach a digital signature to the transaction, which serves as a kind of sealed seals. But before you place a signature, you need to calculate it, which is a rather difficult task. At a time when a visitor to one of the restaurants of the People's Republic of China pays for dinner, somewhere in Toronto there is a computer that is engaged in servicing the crypt-exchange network. The computer system automatically finds the task and calculates a digital signature for it. For the work done, the owner of the device receives a small reward in the form of several hundred sauthees (a hundred millionth part of the MTC).
In order to get Satoshi, Canadians did not have to sit near the monitor and independently sign something. The whole process is fully automated. The person only installed the appropriate equipment for this purpose, downloaded and configured the program, and then connected to the network. This is called - mining, which is translated as "booty".
Bitcoin rate to dollar
Bitcoin - what is it, simple words? Bitcoin Mining Program Despite the fact that Bitcoin appeared in 2009, it became interesting for investors and ordinary citizens only in four years. The increased attention to the new currency has led to the rapid increase of the Bitcoin rate to the dollar, and a year later, the MTC became more expensive by 10,000%. However, after a high rise, a rapid fall began, which was caused by the collapse of the largest online exchange that was engaged in the implementation of bitcoins. Over time, the PTS began to rise again in price, but not as fast as it was in 2013. For today Bitcoin offers $ 2,500 for one. But most skeptics urge not to invest in cryptography, explaining this by the fact that the PTS is just a bubble that once swept as it has been repeatedly in history. But who will listen to questionable experts, when you can earn a good deal on the fluctuations of the course, selling on Bitcoin exchangers ?!

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