How to transfer Bitcoin without commission

    How to transfer Bitcoin without commission

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With each passing day, the bitcoin (Bitcoin) is becoming more popular. Known blockchain service, blockchain gives the opportunity to open and use the bitcoin-purse for free. Many people know him, and they know that the operation takes place with a commission and about a time 1-2 hours.

I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the service where bitcoin-purse operations between users without commission are instantaneous! Here is a screenshot where I transferred bitcoin to another purse, registered in spectrocoin, SpectroCoin.

Sent amount = received amount, that is commission = 0

How to transfer Bitcoin without commission

Try it, you do not lose anything, but you can acquire important knowledge that can save your money and save time.

Step 1. Registration on the SpectroCoin service. Tip: use the @ gmail.com mail whenever possible.

Step 2. You can set the Russian language in the office (but the system works correctly in English). Open the "Send Bitcoin" page to the left of the menu. And we see in the description such an inscription:

Translations to another SpectroCoin user using the e-mail address are free of charge.

let's check it ...

Step 3. Enter the amount in bitcoins (the system immediately shows how much it is in dollars) + the email of another registered user of SpectroCoin (if necessary, please register for another email).

Check and click Confirm (remember, operations here are irreversible, as in any bitcoin operation).

Email of another registered user of SpectroCoin

Step 4: Two-stage authentication is required for additional security of our payments. It's simple, we get the code on your email (you can also set up such a confirmation by SMS).

2-Step Verification

All, click Confirm and the operation is performed (see the first screenshot of this article). We also see the history of operations in the office Click on Details and see this payment.

Learn More

Here are the tips in our article How to withdraw money from SpectroCoin, and Attention! The conclusion is quite expensive (the commission of this service goes off scale), I used this scheme: the exchange for the e-world inside and the output to the external e-wallet.

It was on 6 January 2018 (received an email). Dear cardholder,

Yesterday, our card issuer Wave Crest Holdings, offers to close all of their accounts, the SpectroCoin card service will be unavailable.

That is, at first they left only Europe, but now the maps are not available to everyone, but there is good news:

that will allow SpectroCoin to offer card services around the world. All active holders of SpectroCoin cards will receive new SpectroCoin cards for free, as soon as we are all set.

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