The bitcoin rate exceeded 2000 dollars

   The bitcoin rate exceeded 2000 dollars
In the evening of June 11, the bitcoine rate for the first time in history reached $ 3000 per share, according to data from the Coindesk exchange. At the maximum, the value of the crypto currency was $ 3,041, later it fell below $ 3,000.
Coindesk's data differs from those of other exchanges: Coinbase sold a unit of bitcoin at a maximum of $ 2,999, and CoinMarketCap - $ 2997.

By 10:40 Moscow time on June 12, the bitcoin rate, according to Coinbase, fell to $ 2951, according to Coindesk it was $ 2998. The capitalization of bitcoin is $ 48.3 billion.

The rate of another popular crypto currency - Ethereum - also exceeded the historical maximum and overcame the $ 300 mark. Its value on the Coinbase exchange by 10:40 Moscow time reached $ 371 and continued to grow.

Interviewed Coindesk analysts noted that Ethereum and other crypto currencies are growing faster than bitcoin.

Since the beginning of 2017, the bitcoin rate has increased by more than 200% - in terms of the growth of the crypto currency, it outpaced the major players of the stock market, like the S & P500 Index and Nasdaq.

For June, the cost of bitcoin increased by 30%, and compared to December 2016 - $ 968 - the rate has more than tripled.
One of the reasons for the new wave of growth CNBC calls increased demand for crypto currency by Asian investors. In early June, several large Chinese bitcoins-exchanges allowed customers to resume the withdrawal of the crypto currency after the ban introduced in February 2017 against the backdrop of close attention from the People's Bank of China.

The first wave of active growth of bitcoin cost began in May 2017, when the rate of the crypto currency exceeded $ 1400. On May 20, the bitcoin rate for the first time exceeded $ 2,000. By May 27, after a week of sharp growth, the price of the crypto currency fell below $ 2,000, but at the beginning of June the rate began to grow again.

According to data at 14:30 on MSC Sunday, May 21, the cost of crypto currency has reached 2086.08 dollars. This is reported on the website CoinDesk.
It is noted that the price of bitcoin has increased by more than 100 percent this year and by almost 125 percent after reaching the annual minimum in March (891.51 dollars).
In April, Bloomberg, referring to Russia's Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev, reported that the authorities are considering the possibility of legalizing in 2018 operations with bitcoins and other crypto-currencies in the fight against illegal money transfers. "As in the case of ordinary banking operations, we need to understand who buys and who sells," the official said.
At the same time, the Central Bank noted that it is premature to talk about the legalization of crypto-void in Russia.
Bitcoin - one of the most famous crypto currency, it is created on the basis of the blockade (from the English blockchain - block chain). This is the technology of distributed databases, based on the constantly extended chain of records. It is resistant to falsification, revision, hacking and theft of information.
At the beginning of January this year, the bitcoin rate for the first time since 2013 exceeded $ 1000, and on May 21 of this year, the cost of bitcoin reached a historic high, and broke through the threshold of $ 2,000. The previous record was November 29, 2013, then his rate was 1242 dollars.

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