You already have Bitcoin Wallet

You already have Bitcoin Wallet, but it's empty. Where to buy Bitcoin in Ukraine?
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There are several possibilities. You can exchange money for bitcoin.


Each our city has bitcoiners, which can be found in the social network. networks, talk, arrange a meeting to learn about bitcoin and buy bitcoins for hryvnia or another currency.

There are also versions of bitcoin-purses (for example, Mycelium) in which there is a search function for the nearest money changer, which is indicated on the map, you can find out the rate at which it exchanges bitcoins. Usually the course of such specialized has changed more than others, because this is their bread.

How to earn bitcoin
First, I will share one of the best and least risky ways to get beatcoins. This way is that you make a decision to change your work, knowledge, experience, goods that you produce or sell on Bitcoin, and informs the decision to the people around you with the help of a sticker or announcements, or simply telling that you are ready to sell your goods for bitcoins! Already today you can earn bitkoins by writing articles, translating, solving educational problems, trading goods from food products to jewelry.

Buy bitcoins on the exchange
I regularly use the services of the domestic stock exchange. Fast, profitable, and reliable. The process of buying is very simple. To begin with, you register at the exchange, receive an email to confirm your account, receive a secret code to confirm the withdrawal operations (I highly recommend that you write down the password and the code in the paper notepad). Then go to your account My Account, select the replenishment currency UAH. Enter the amount and choose the option of replenishment (for example, through Privat24). After clicking "Pay" you get to your page in Privat24 (it's better to log in to Privat24 first) with an invoice for payment. You pay. In a minute, your funds will appear on the account of your account on the exchange. Then go to the Buy Sell page.

On this page on the left, find "Buy BTC", click on "Your funds" your amount of UAH Immediately see the number of bitcoins that you can buy. Click "Buy" and confirm. The amount of purchase, or sales can be changed, as in the market. Sometimes you need to wait until you sell bitcoins at the price you want. After purchase, the bitcoins will appear on your account. To bring the bitcoins to your bitcoin account, you need to go to the BTC My Account tab and press the Done First withdrawal for long because the security system sets the output delay to 36 hours. But after the first time everything is very fast and convenient. If you have any problems, please contact our support team.

You can easily learn the rates of bitcoin and other crypto currency on the main exchanges of Ukraine and the world on the Internet.

As you can see, Bitcoin are liquid funds, that is, it can be easily (not harder than a dollar) exchanged for hryvnia, or buy for hryvnia, or any other currency in Ukraine.

Despite the many opportunities to buy bitcoin, they are all connected with the risk of exchange fluctuations of the bitcoin itself.

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